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Chapter 164 Do You Know This Outer Court Disciple? attraction yell

In the meantime, Disciple Fei acquired lengthy closed down her vision to completely indulge themselves in Yuan's zither popular music.

"T-This Outer Judge disciple… is my a.s.sistant!" Fairy Fei spurted out without considering.

"Do you remember the earliest track you experienced on that day? You could play that certain."

'Senior Sister Fei is certainly having a person contact her zither? This is… Alarming can be an understatement...' The disciples there considered Yuan being seated behind the zither with dumbfounded expressions on the pretty faces.

'Since when did Older person Sister Fei need to have an a.s.sistant?' Disciple Feng pondered to herself.

Fairy Fei viewed Yuan together coronary heart whipping in great amounts, but once she pointed out that Yuan wasn't announcing a single thing, a lot less simply call out her bulls.h.i.+t also a couple of times later, she sighed in relief inwardly.

'W-Just what is these feelings?' All of them wondered to themselves the indescribable sensation into their heart and soul, entirely not aware that they'd just been bewitched by Yuan's zither knowledge.


"Y-You might be! Precisely what are you performing right here?!" Fairy Fei pointed at Yuan with trembling hands and also a stunned appear in her confront, dumbfounding the interior Courtroom disciples there.

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A different stunning zither message resounded in the neighborhood not even half another in the future.

"You can use that zither there." Disciple Fei directed in the beautiful zither sitting on the family table a handful of meters away.

"Regardless, Disciple Yuan will almost certainly enjoy one track for individuals as an arrival."

Yet another stunning zither message resounded in the neighborhood not actually 1 / 2 an extra afterwards.

"What is your opinion?" Yuan inquired the disciples, snapping them from their daze.

Fairy Fei immediately panicked, and she solved herself soon after cleaning her neck, "I-I intended to declare that he's my college student! That's appropriate! I am just currently coaching him the best way to take part in the zither!"

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Fairy Fei viewed Yuan together heart defeating in great amounts, but once she observed that Yuan wasn't announcing nearly anything, a lot less phone out her bulls.h.i.+t a good handful of events down the road, she sighed in reduction inwardly.

"S-Senior Sibling Fei? Will you be all right? Have you any idea this Outer Judge disciple?" Disciple Ying chose to inquire her.

"S-Elderly Sibling Fei? Are you currently fine? Do you know this Outer Courtroom disciple?" Disciple Ying wanted to ask her.

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"C-Is it possible to have fun with a different melody? I don't believe I will tell your skills just from one song…" Disciple Zhao suddenly said.

'Can he really participate in the zither?' They been curious about inwardly due to the fact usually only girls would grab the zither.

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"I… I…" Fairy Fei was speechless. How is she expected to solution a really issue? Inform them she was conquered with this Exterior The courtroom disciple in their own individual subject of experience?

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"What?! You acknowledged this Exterior The courtroom disciple as your undergraduate?!" Disciple Feng exclaimed in the puzzled speech. Why have Fairy Fei admit an External Courtroom disciple as her student— a person at that— when she, an Inside Judge disciple and her close friend, has become inquiring Fairy Fei to show her the zither?