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Novel - The Bloodline System - The Bloodline System

Chapter 161 - Confusing Decision phobic gusty

Additional members pursuing Gustav and Angy for over 15 minutes now recognized they had not faced the troublesome occasions they managed previously. The soil didn't great time open as they adhered to in his footsteps.

The places displayed on the holographic monitors were actually the many aspects of the Facility.

"Ek," The son flinched lower back after ability to hear that.

The destinations displayed on the holographic displays were actually various sides from the Capability.

"Ek," The child flinched rear soon after listening to that.

They had been interested about how exactly Gustav was able to take this away from, but they also ended up much more concerned about progressing to the tower, that was the principle objective.

The places displayed on the holographic monitors ended up various perspectives in the Capability.

On other screens, the number of the people ranged from twelve to fifteen, which had been why he was captivated about the amount of participants retained during this set.

Even with listening to Gustav's assertion, no-one still transferred.


"About six of which, sire... Each individual batch originally got about forty to sixty mixedbloods, bringing the whole quantity of mixedbloods to around three hundreds. Nonetheless, only approximately sixty on the individuals managed making it to the base of the tower," Among the list of folks tapping on the holographic secrets spoke from right behind him.

"Whats up, keep top us," He threatened following coming right behind Gustav.

"They appear to be right after that boy there," His appearance closed up in at a child with dirty blonde head of hair, major the crew.

"This batch appears to have the best outstanding volume of members," He muttered having an interested seem.

"Ek," The son flinched backside just after ability to hear that.


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"This set appears to have the greatest staying volume of members," He muttered with the fascinated seem.

A few of them ended up great at sensing vibrations because of the bloodline. Nevertheless, their own feelings still was unsuccessful them when the ground was caving in given that they only sensed it for the past 2nd.


They quickly put into practice in Gustav and Angy's footsteps.

'Another promising applicant might have revealed up, but it's too soon to judge,' He was quoted saying inside.

Angy also didn't comprehend it, but she didn't problem him. Instead, she proceeded to participate him in resting on the ground.

Chapter 161 - Bewildering Determination

Footages a variety of areas across the tower had been getting displayed on the screens, and teenagers could be noticed going for walks on every roads that resulted in the tower.

-"The reason why he relaxing?"

"Ek," The child flinched back following seeing and hearing that.

Gustav and also the relax were already about seven hundred or so ft away from the lower tower.

Chapter 161 - Puzzling Choice

"Hello, retain primary us," He threatened just after arriving associated with Gustav.


"Ek," The son flinched again after hearing that.

"Ak screw it, I'm about to continue to keep advancing," One voiced out and turned on her bloodline.

On this particular particular monitor, the members had been about thirty in multitude, transferring speedily on the bottom of the tower.

He was already bored with status about, so he chose to take action.

"Hey there, maintain major us," He endangered just after coming associated with Gustav.