Challenges and Rewards of Sports Massage Therapy

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Symmetry Sports & Orthopedic Massage is one of the leading providers of sports and orthopedic massage therapy in the North Atlanta area. We provide customized treatment plans based on client concerns - not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Our sessions can include sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and multiple stretching techniques. Sports and orthopedic massage therapies are not “day at the spa” kind of massages. We use a variety of manual therapies, modalities and massage therapy techniques. Massage therapists specializing in sports massage may work in public and private venues, from weekend athletic events to college and professional sports training.

However, you will likely have a set number of hours, you’ll get a regular income and you will also benefit from other potential employee benefits like dental and medical insurance and holiday and sick pay. You will quickly become a welcomed member of our family of satisfied patients. We treat a wide variety of conditions using the best combination of traditional chiropractic techniques and the latest in innovative care. Meet our team of Massage Therapists that are here to provide you with high quality recovery services.

Side Effects of Sports Massage

Athletes also report having better focus before events when they have the pre-event sports massage. As circulation improves through massage, oxygen-rich blood provides nutrients to muscles and the brain. The benefits reports go far beyond preventing or dealing with injuries. Sports massage uses different techniques to help athletes improve performance and prevent injury. During a sports massage, the massage therapist will focus on the muscles that are used the most in the athlete’s sport. Cupping is similar to a deep tissue massage with suction and decompression.

Massage is focused on the specific muscles and injury of a sport

Our therapists have been providing Richmond with serious clinical Sports Massage since 2003. Just a general ‘get a little more time out of your water bottle tip’. Dagmar is Professional but at the same time, a very relaxed atmosphere. Dagmar does a great job and really tries to work the areas that need the most help. Shavon received her Massage education in 2010 at Miller-Motte College.

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Who Needs a Sports Massage?

Your sports massage specialist is also trained to provide you with tips and tricks that you can carry with you to combat your injury and heal faster. Around the world, there are more than 8,000 unique sports that are played. With so many different types out there, it’s important to have access to specialized care. For those looking for the best, check out these four surprising benefits of getting a sports massage. Effectiveness of sports massage for recovery of skeletal muscle from strenuous exercise. The mechanisms of massage and effects on performance, muscle recovery and injury prevention.

We encourage you to perform your own independent research before making any education decisions. Many listings are from partners who compensate us, which may influence which programs we write about. Once you’ve identified your state’s requirements, you should research the most cost-effective accredited programs in your area.

Whether it’s an MMA massage therapist, an NBA massage therapist, or an NFL massage therapist, these professionals are extremely important and in demand to keep athletes, both young and old, as healthy as possible. Sports massage therapists who wish to work with high-profile clients are typically required to complete an undergraduate sports management degree program. Students have the chance to network with high-profile industry leaders and complete specific internships required for the degree.

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Miguel Aragoncillo has a vast background in helping others in training and manual therapy for over a decade. Miguel has worked with a variety of individuals, ranging from everyday and recreational runners to professional athletes , along with collegiate, and high school athletes as well. Ideally, working together would involve a thorough discussion on background, a keen evaluation of both movement and passive structures, along with providing a plan of care that is desirable and results focused.

We understand some issues can’t be corrected with bodywork alone, so we refer to Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Athletic trainers to provide a wellness team to support specific needs. We will always go over your health history and take the time to plan treatment for you to get the best results. We are continually learning so you will always get the most updated techniques available. We love a challenge and will work on conditions and issues many therapists won’t and can’t help.

Oliver’s goal as a massage therapist will be to help you achieve your health and fitness goals no matter how big or small. He combines all the modalities he’s learned as a therapist to maximize the benefits for each person. In collaboration with the rest of the recovery team, Oliver can help you recover and prevent many injuries from occurring. Advanced massage techniques are used to reduce pain and muscle tension; loosening up any tight spots.

The purpose of a deep tissue massage, for example, is to treat chronic pain and on-going tension. Our sports massage therapists use a variety of techniques to help reduce muscle tension and inflammation, which can speed up the healing process after a sports injury. In addition, regular sports massage treatments can help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which also aids in sports injury recovery.

It pushes out lactic acid build-up and brings in fresh oxygenated blood. Different types of massage techniques can be used in sports massage to best heal and support the musculoskeletal system. Based on your body’s needs and the athletic activities that you enjoy, we will tailor each sports massage for you.

We will have a strict 24 hour Cancellation Policy for all MASSAGE, ACUPUNCTURE and FST appointments. Failure to cancel 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will result in a $50 fee. Rescheduling your appointment to a later day/time after the 24 cut-off DOES NOT waive the late cancellation fee as it is very difficult to fill that opening within 24 hours. Clients will be unable to schedule future appointments until the fee is paid in full.

A rock climber who has had to take a break due to a shoulder impingement can benefit from massage techniques to release tension in the biceps femoris muscle and subscapularis muscles. The job outlook for massage therapists is good, employment opportunities were expected to grow much faster than the national average through 2029. However, this estimate takes into account all types of massage therapists, not just those who specialize in sports massage. Massage therapists working in individual and family services earned more than the overall average, with a mean annual wage of $63,220. Free Massage CE Stay on top of your skills with AMTA's free online courses.

Challenges and Rewards of Sports Massage Therapy

Conditions like low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shin splints, and increased scar tissue post-surgery are all impairments and injuries we can treat with manual therapy. We have worked with tennis players, marathon runners, and other athletes looking to recover from sports injuries and improve their performance. That's why we offer self-care tips to go fit your needs along with our massage therapy treatment plan. We highly recommend asking our sports massage therapists any questions you may have about your health. Sports massage specialists are massage therapists who specialize in sports massage techniques. They use various massage skills and stretching exercises to enhance athletic performance and improve rehabilitation from sports-related injuries.

In 2013 he was eventually able to link up with Elite Spinal and Sports Care. He was able stay active in the athletic community by providing bodywork and maintenance to others to help them with their function and mobility. He found a new passion in helping others continue to do and stay active in the things that they love. Having spent many years participating in contact sports like muay thai, boxing, dabbling in jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and minor amateur mixed martial arts competitions, he has experienced his fair share of injuries. Acute to chronic pains from minor, major, and even debilitating injuries, along with daily workout stiffness have made him sympathetic and understanding towards others and theirs. Our team of experts will assess your injuries, current level of fitness and your physical health goals to customize a comprehensive care plan to help you feel better, look better, move and perform better.

This will also help them learn about any current conditions that may affect treatment. When it comes to your body and your health, the benefits of massage are wide-reaching. Bon Secours Sports Performance offers massage therapy and sports massage to the public at locations in the Richmond and Mechanicsville areas.

Understanding types of forces, types of contractions, properties of various tissues, what types of injuries athletes incur and how those injuries heal—are all important. In 2010 he graduated from Bryan College School of Massage , 500+ hour program as a massage therapist. Continuing to study the dynamics of muscular structure and function, he earned his Active Release Techniques Certification in 2015. Eventually, being sidelined by 아로마마사지후기 related injuries, he was no longer able to continue to participate in the sports and activities he loved. A solid night sleep and simple activities that he once took for granted soon became a thing of the past. Brandon Meline is a Sacramento native that has always had a fascination with the human body.

Many athletes get frustrated about the effects of pain and injury, especially major career-altering injuries. Some athletes might even become stressed, depressed, and lose confidence in themselves. You must be able to carefully listen to them, be patient and be compassionate with them. Your goal as an athletic massage therapist is to give clients a positive outlook on their future recovery. Sports massage therapists provide very valuable services to athletes. Having a therapist work on an athlete can give him or her a competitive edge, which is why they’re used in so many sports.